About Fortify Consulting



About Fortify

Fortify Consulting Services delivers to Fortune 1000 companies reliable Information Security  solutions that appropriately align with an organization's risk protection requirements.  Our consultants have a verifiable track record and possess broad-based experience in virtually all facets of Information Security and under various regulatory environments.  Independent of any particular piece of technology or vendor, yet we complement our services with practical and implementable technical solutions that are cost-effective and repeatable.

At Fortify Consulting, Information Security is always a forethought whereby threats are preempted proactively. You cannot afford to have it any other way.

Our Experience Shows!

Fortify Consulting offers a full range of Information Security Services (ISS) to assist companies establish appropriate policy and procedure controls and ensure all technical and operational implementation activities are aligned with these controls.

Since 2006, Fortify Consulting has been assisting VISA, Inc. the credit card company and sponsor of PCI-DSS itself, with its own periodic internal compliance and certification with PCI-DSS and SAS 70. We have developed five (5) workflow-based Exception Approval and Reporting tools at VISA and we are also currently assisting the client manage its Enterprise Security Manager application which oversees all servers monitored by its Information Security Office.

Fortify Consulting works with you to determine creative and cost-effective ways of reducing your IT equipment and operational budget through our managed NOC/SOC services. Going the extra distance, we will team with you to implement the appropriate information security solutions to your to your managed IT infrastructure. With over eight (8) years of experience in managing offshore testing, Fortify Consulting understands prerequisite 'success factors' in making an outsourcing model work. You can entrust your whole QA function to Fortify with ease or simply augment your staff with our very qualified resources.